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  Stylish Hyundai Performance & Perfect Vehicle Prices
Hi [name]. There are three words that have become synonymous with Hyundai’s phenomenal growth both here in South Africa and abroad, namely Style, Performance and Price! When you add these to the already legendary reliability of the Hyundai brand, then the outcome is not surprising – a much loved vehicle that offers years of driving pleasure. But what happens when you take all of these brand features and add something even more special to the mix? Well then, you get two of the “must have” vehicles of this generation, the Hyundai ix35 Special Edition and the high-performance Hyundai i20 N.
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  The Hyundai ix35 Special Edition – Bring it Home!  
Hyundai ix35
  Something special this way comes…
The one of a kind stylishness of the Hyundai ix35 just got a whole lot better thanks to the availability of the “Special Edition” of this popular SUV in South Africa. Every 2015 model of the ix35 can now be upgraded with factory fitted features, all of which will add to the already considerable looks and functionality of the Hyundai ix35 you choose to drive. Find Out More.
  Our Favourite Features:
 •  Factory Fitted Side Steps
 •  Integrated Sat Nav System
 •  Custom Black 18" Alloys
 •  Daytime Running Lamps
  Priced from R 349,900 or R 4,799pm*   Request a Test Drive  
  The Hyundai i20 N – Price & Performance!  
Hyundai i20
  From just R 3,599pm*, the i20 N is power personified…
Power without the massive price tag, the all new Hyundai 2015 i20 N High-Performance Manual Transmission model has just launched in South Africa. This is the first hard-core hot hatch to wear Hyundai's 'N' high-performance badge, and well it should as this version of the i20 is based on the record breaking Hyundai World Rally Championship vehicle design. Packed full of features, this i20 will set you apart from the average SA road user. Find Out More.
  Our Favourite Features:
 •  17” Alloy wheels
 •  Sport Body kit
 •  Performance Enhancing Chip
 •  Max power of 85 KW
 •  Max Torque of 160
  Priced from R 229,900 or R 3,599pm*   Request a Test Drive  
  Hyundai Santa Fe Gets Hotter
A new versions of this much loved SUV puts emphasis on the way the vehicle drives and looks. Available in two options, the base Sport and the Sport 2.0T, this vehicle will be the talk of the town. Read our blog post
  New Hyundai Crossover Concept
The new subcompact Hyundai Cresa Concept draws inspiration from other vehicles in the Hyundai range and could possibly be the company’s first foray into the Crossover market. Read our blog post
  Meet the High-Performance N Brand
Newly launched in South Africa, the Hyundai N is the high-performance sub-brand that is taking the lessons learned by the Hyundai World Rally Championship Team and putting them into road cars at the Hyundai Motorsport offices in Alzenau. The ‘N” name has been chosen in reference to Hyundai’s technical centre in Namyang, Korea.
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